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LifeGrove: Sacred Social Media

LifeGrove: Sacred Social Media

A sacred space to encourage conscious interaction, spirituality, and higher consciousness.

About Us

LifeGrove is an exclusive sacred community for spiritual seekers to expand their awareness by exploring topics on body, mind, spirit, and soul. This is not traditional social media, this is sacred media. Awaken, Heal, and Commune.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are a seeker like we are then LifeGrove is the premiere community to join. We focus on a broad array of topics across mind, body, spirit and shadow. We prefer a holistic approach to personal development because we believe that in order to be empowered human beings we must first be fulfilled. We become fulfilled by becoming whole and thus a holistic approach is also the natural course to take. 

A Big Thanks

We appreciate every one of our members equally and would like to thank you all for your support in building this transformational community.

Code of Conduct

Our doors are open to all seekers, from all traditions. We only ask our members to follow these simple codes of conduct. 

This space is sacred. Our aim is to raise awareness and the frequency of each of our members. 

Employ compassion in all discussions. 

Respect the sovereignty of others, for they are reflections of the lessons from our higher self. 

Right and wrong are not as important as understanding that each of us has a different perspective, different beliefs, and different backgrounds. 

These different perspectives encourage expansion and reduce stagnation in our development as multi-dimensional beings. 

Support each other as though you are a cosmic family. We encourage openness of heart and mind and most of all authenticity. 

Seven Virtues

At LifeGrove we encourage interaction and engagement that is guided by seven spiritual virtues. 



We produce sacred media for spiritual seekers and connect them with an inclusive, ever-expanding community of seekers and teachers. LifeGrove was founded in 2019 and continues to expand with each awakened soul that joins our exploding community.



The first step on the path to knowledge is to remember who we are at our deepest levels. This requires intense self-study in order to develop the ability to discern between the ego, the soul and the spirit. LifeGrove provides a multitude of paths for a diverse group of seekers to explore to attain self-knowledge, heal trauma, and achieve self-realization.



Once we have begun the deep inner work with shadow and trauma, we can begin to lay the foundations of a new reality. Mastery is a quest that we embark upon in order to strengthen our connection to spirit. This phase of spiritual development requires discipline, commitment, and a surrender. LifeGrove provides holistic coaching support for its community.



Our community is built upon a foundation of integrity and authenticity, but it’s truest strength resides in compassion for all. Empathy is a core pillar of the community as it is a required mode of consciousness for spiritual development.



We encourage a listen first attitude at LifeGrove, because we believe that everyone’s voice and personal gnosis has the right to be expressed. As social creatures we grow via the expansion of our mind and our heart and that requires a surrendering to the fact that we do not know that which we do not know. As such we are a tolerant community who encourages heart-centered dialogue.

5d vision


The spiritual community speaks ad-nauseum about the third eye and fifth dimensional reality, but what does that truly mean? At LifeGrove our vision is to realize a spiritual revolution not based in fantasy but steeped in a heart-centered, intellectual spiritualism. We remain resolute in our mission to help others heal, achieve self-mastery, and awaken to heart-centered living.

pure awareness


The sages of the ancient word spoke of pure awareness free of the fetters of the trappings of our mental chatter. This stage has been called many things Samadhi, Satori, Enlightenment, Illumination, Awakening, but what does this mean? Are we done, have we reached the end? At LifeGrove we don’t subscribe to linear thinking, we realize the truth that goal is not to reach the end of the path, it is to diligently walk the path of infinite oneness.

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